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How The Kia Cadenza Is Shaking Up The Luxury Market

Having delivered 2.72 million vehicles in 2012 South Korean car manufacturer Kia continues to grow its global sales. Now with its re-engineered Cadenza on sale in the United States, Kia is trying to position itself alongside luxury automakers BMW and Mercedes. Of course, Kia car prices are well below its German competitors and other luxury automakers, […]

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Guide To The Kia UVO EService

In 2013, Kia introduced a new infotainment system called UVO eServices. What is Kia UVO, and how will it enhance your driving experience? UVO eServices is one of the first application-based systems, relying on a free downloadable smartphone application to help run its numerous features. The new system is currently only available in the 2014 […]

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Kia Rio, Well Equipped SuperMini

With the Rio, KIA is hoping to conquer its slice of the European market, where the make has lower sales than in America and China. The Rio is one of those models that for quality and fuel consumption can really make of KIA one of the big choices of the European drivers. Impressive mpg Its […]

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Warranties And Genuine KIA Parts

It was a unique way to got to market, but KIA started offering long warranties on their vehicles right from the start to give the UK public some confidence of an unknown car manufacture brand.  Even now, Kia will off a 7 year warranty on new vehicles in their range, which is quite astounding bearing […]

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Kia Salvage Buying

Previously Kia was not seen as one of those salvage projects that was worth doing, probably due to high depreciation values, meaning a short turn around after purchase and difficulty to sell compared to say certain German makes.  However those in the know would have probably researched salvage prices from a site like salvage spare […]

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Kia Car Lease

KIa have been established in the USA for some time now, but in the UK they have been seen in past years as something of a cheap car that depreciates faster than they can drive them to London from Scotland. But in recent years especially after the Kia Ceed entered the market, there is a […]

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End Of Life For That Scrap Car Dodge and Kia

It happens to most cars depending on value and deprecation not to mention whether it is fashionable to own an old version. So for Kia there probably is little tears shed when it eventually gets to the scrap yard and maybe the same for some Dodge models.  But it is unlikely that many Dodge Chargers […]

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Kia Auto Salvage

Car people who like to fix damaged cars as a hobby or for a resale should consider a Kia auto salvage auction. Such auctions give you the opportunity to buy vehicles with salvage titles at very cheap prices. A Kia that is wrecked but repairable nevertheless offers you the option to own a car at […]

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Dodge Auto Salvage

The salvage title on a Dodge-branded vehicle reflects a temporary ban on the road worthiness of the vehicle. Such a vehicle would have suffered severe damage in an accident and the insurance company may deem that the cost of repairing the vehicle may be more than 75% of the vehicle’s value. The company may then […]

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Kia Carens Car Lease

If you have decided to lease one of the better looking MPVs in the market, then the Kia Carens will surely be on your list. While leasing is undoubtedly an affordable and flexible way to drive a new car, there are some things you should keep in mind when you go for a Kia Carens […]

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